Area of Darkness: Sentinel Rematch Studios 2020

Release Date: TBA “How did it get to this; A meeting I didn’t want to have; a trip I didn’t want to take. My life’s in the hands of strangers I don’t even trust. From the moment I first stepped foot on the Sentinel Islands, I saw creatures that I thought were the thing of legends... My only goal now: Survive.” It's a psychological thriller/adventure game that offers you a uniquely immersive cinematic VR experience like no other. Set in 1978, you’ll play as Dr Anne Evans on her journey from New York to the iconic Sentinel Islands; one of the few remaining places in the world untouched by modern civilization; a true area of darkness. Along the way, you’ll encounter a cast of intriguing characters and creatures, uncover harrowing mysteries and fight for your very survival. Play as archaeologist Dr Anne Evans in the faithfully-recreated 1970’s game world. Immerse yourself in the truly cinematic experience with its 135-page script and decisions that affect the storyline and multiple endings. Breathtaking locations to explore: from an upstate New York mansion to millennia-old tombs on the Sentinel Islands. Experience thrilling, life-like set pieces built from the group up for VR, including the sensation of parachuting from a plane at 30,000 feet. Interact with a vibrant cast of characters that all play an essential role in the unfolding mystery. Fight supernatural creatures using the intuitive, motion-based combat system. Solve unique puzzles using a variety of techniques such as controller motion, item combining, physics-based throwing, and environmental manipulation. Collect dozens of fully voiced journal entries, telling an exciting sub-narrative of those who came before... Fully motion-captured scenes choreographed using professional actors and voice actors, with animation created by an Emmy-nominated Animation Director. Full body view (no floating hands here) and a physical inventory system (without the need to navigate through menus) allows for total VR immersion. Smooth VR-optimized movement and rotation options mean no motion sickness. Cinematic movement and rotation options for the VR Purists out there - feel the intensity.
Download: None currently available

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