No Straight Roads Metronomik 2020

Release Date: Aug 25 Third person action game, telling the story of an underground rock band fighting against a powerful publishing corporation. Music plays a huge role in this production - thanks to it we can predict the attacks of enemies and change the game environment. You can find elements characteristic of rhythmic games and which by its authors is referred to as a tribute to music and musicians. The production can boast of a few original ideas in the mechanics of gameplay and an attractive audiovisual setting. It was created by the Malaysian development studio established by the main producer of Final Fantasy XV - Van Hazmer - and Daim Dziauddin (he was responsible for graphic design in the fighting game Street Fighter V). The main protagonists are Mayday and Zeke, members of the underground rock band Bunk Bed Junction, who challenge the title, ominous record label, as well as its minions, i.e. the various musicians (pianists and DJs, among others) who have signed a contract with the company. The game is about traversing different locations (they are designed to suit the artist who is the main opponent of a given level) and fighting new enemies - the mechanics responsible for this aspect of the game resembles productions such as Devil May Cry, Kingdom Hearts or Nier: Automata). On each location there is also a unique battle with a powerful boss, which requires the right tactics to defeat. Music plays a very important role - the sounds we hear change in real time, falling into different genres when we blows or avoid enemy attacks. In many cases, a sense of rhythm will enable us to anticipate the enemy's behaviour (for example, bombs are dropped or detonated in specific, music-driven moments). In addition, the characters we control are able to use their own work to influence the environment - thanks to music, for example, we can turn some objects into improvised weapons. Between the next stages we get to our base (located in the sewers), where we get the opportunity to develop the skills of the heroes and adjust the equipment they carry. While staying at the band's headquarters we can also see a counter showing the number of Bunk Bed Junction fans - the value changes depending on the actions we take.
Level Demo (uploaded by Epic Games)

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