Välkommen Till Lekskolan Ett Nytt Sätt Att Lära [Sw] Stockholm: Snille läroäventyr 1999

Welcome to kindergarten: a new way to learn is a multimedia educational cd-rom for kids aged 3-5. Play and learn with music. Everything is indicated by voice, either English or Swedish. It has a series of mini-games: 1. The classic of any children's collection is a drawing machine. In this case, this entertainment is presented in the form of making a greeting card. You can choose who to give to (mom, elder brother, grandfather, etc.), add one of the ready-made frames, and then write or draw something using the brush tool - there is nothing more. 2. The simplest puzzle with the Penrose staircase. An equilateral triangle is divided into four small ones, and “impossible stairs” are located on all sides. A bear is standing on one of the peaks, and a clown on the other (where exactly, it is chosen randomly). The goal - rotating the entire structure clockwise or counterclockwise, you need to transfer the clown to the bear, while the first can only go down the stairs. Everything is beaten like a circus number. 3. Something obscure, but certainly a parody of shmups. When driving an airplane with a side view, you need to fly, avoiding airships. Mouse control. This fun is implemented just awful. If you have ever played normal shmap, then you will find this “flyer” simply ridiculous - and the point is not that it is for children. 4. You need to buy the ingredients for the cake. A shopping list is displayed at the top of the screen, and details are explained in a voice, for example how many bananas are needed or what color jam should be taken. On the counter there are several types of each product, and you need to choose the right one. Then you have to pay sixteen coins, taking the right amount from the heap. 5. There are several musical instruments: piano, double bass, flute, trumpet. In addition to them there is still a parrot. You can select any of the proposed songs and listen to how an excerpt from it will sound on a particular instrument, as well as how a parrot will pronounce it. 6. You need to find the ball and shoes that are hidden somewhere in the house. With a first-person view, you need to explore the living room, kitchen, bathroom and nursery in search of these items. There are many active points everywhere, when clicked, various funny actions occur (just like in quests from Humongous Entertainment), most of the items can be moved. Behind some of them the ball and shoes are hiding. Four minutes were given to complete the task (otherwise it will rain), but an adult player should leave no more than two, and you can have time to see all the active points. In addition to all of the above, there is a slide show with voice comments about the Unibakken children's cultural and entertainment center in Stockholm.
English/Swedish ISO Demo 131MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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