Back to the Future Part I + III + IV + V: The Fan Games Daniele Spadoni 2019

Back to the Future Part III: Timeline of Monkey Island (Feb 11) Marty finally gets the almanac, leaving Biff to crash into a manure truck. Marty burns the almanac, reversing Biff’s changes to the timeline, as Doc hovers above in the time machine. Before Marty can join him in the time machine, the DeLorean is struck by lightning and disappears. The Voodoo Lady through a voodoo magic explains to Marty the timeline has changed. Doc was transported back to 1655. Marty races back into town to find the 1955 Doc, who had just helped the original Marty return to 1985. Shocked by Marty’s sudden reappearance, Doc faints. Deep in the Caribbean among stinking pirates, insults, and sword fighting, Marty and Doc go back one more time for their greatest adventure of all. Doc is living in the past, but he's about to be history because the timeline has changed! Marty makes a name for himself. Doc meets his mate, and Tannen meets his Duel. This invites you play a timeline never seen before, an adventure that will have no end. Back to the Future Part IV: The Multitasking Crystal (May 14) Doc and Marty are back from the misadventure that has transported them, thanks to the time machine, in an imaginative archipelago in the Caribbean in the time of pirates. Doc must fix the captured spirit of Tannen Dogfish among the professionals of the paranormal, the Ghostbusters, while Marty, upon returning home, runs into absurd circumstances. The experiment of an eccentric scientist will complicate the situation, accidentally tearing the plot between the universes and attracting entities from other worlds and alien races eager to invade the reality we know. Once again it will be up to Marty, overwhelmed by the events, to have to travel between ages and distant destinations to find the fragments of a portentous crystal in a desperate attempt to re-establish the normal flow of the space-time continuum and finally mend the tear in the fabric of the universe. But this time Marty will be helped by some of the brightest and craziest minds on the planet. Among amazing cameos, incredible locations, bizarre characters and brainy puzzles, go into this new crazy adventure full of irony and absurdity for real video game maniacs, TV series and cult movies. Back to the Future Part V: Multidimensional Space-Timelines (Oct 7) Largo Lagrande experiment succeeded in 1655 and brought to the opening of some inter-dimensional portals that changed the trend of the future. This event was starting a multitude of time paradoxes which results was a chain reaction that unraveled the very fabric of the space-time continuum and destroyed the dimensions entire universe. Now, all those realities and dimensions are in a danger... only restoring the nature of the multiverse, order will be re-established. Back to the Future: The Fan Game (Apr 13/2020) In 1985, Hill Valley, California, Marty McFly visits the home and lab of his friend, Emmett "Doc" Brown, an eccentric scientist. Though missing for several days, Doc calls the lab and asks Marty to pick up some equipment for a special experiment later that night. Marty meets Doc at a parking lot by a shopping mall at 1:16 A.M. on October 26. Doc unveils a time machine built from a modified DeLorean and powered by plutonium obtained from Libyan terrorists with the promise of building a nuclear bomb. While showing Marty the controls, Doc sets the date to November 5, 1955, the day he conceived a time travel device. The terrorists arrive unexpectedly and open fire on them, finally shooting Doc when he surrenders. Marty escapes in the DeLorean and inadvertently activates the time machine in the process. Marty finds himself transported to November 5, 1955, without any plutonium to return.
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Free Games III, IV, V, I 96+169+103MB+219MB (uploaded by Official Site)
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