Mons og Marte i Regneskogen [Nor] Nasjonalt læremiddelsenter (NLS) 1998

These programs are developed by the National Learning Center (NLS) in Norway and are also intended for use in schools. IBM has created a school package consisting of a CD-ROM with three programs, which are installed separately. The package comes with IBM's home PCs, but the programs can also be purchased separately. It is not necessary to have the CD-ROM in the PC when the program is running, which is a practical advantage. Learn with the Mole - This is a program that contains six different exercises. These are about making their own postcard, helping a clown in a small maze, steering a small plane away from obstacles, a shopping trip in the store, some music with notes and sounds and looking for things that have disappeared in a house. IBM School Package - The program is easy to learn and the kids think the exercises are exciting. Options and variations are built in so that there is some unpredictability. This makes it more fun also for young children. It is good guidance, it is told in a clear way what is going to happen and what the child should try. The feedback on errors or correct choices also works well. One important thing is that the guides can also be interrupted when the child has become more familiar with the exercises. The child can then go straight to the exercises instead of having to wait for the explanation to end. This is very important for eager and impatient little ones. Mons and Marte in the rain forest - This program is based on pure drill of computing skills. The reward is that expensive climbs up the tree for each correct answer. The one who comes first to the top gets a flight with the parrot. IBM School Package - Here it is also possible for adults to create new tasks, and there is a separate guide for this in the program. Viking town 2 - is intended for older kids.
Norwegian Free Game v1.3 5.8MB (uploaded by TestDette)
included in IBM Skolepakke - Norwegian ISO Demo 185MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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