Candy Land: Dora the Explorer Edition Black Hammer, Hasbro / Big Fish Games, NickJr. 2008

Help Dora and friends on their way to a Candy Land Fiesta. Take a rainbow journey on your PC with Dora Boots and her friends on their sweetest adventure yet. Share peppermints with Benny and lollipops with Isa... but watch out for the pesky Swiper who will try and slow you down. The first one to reach the fiesta wins. There’s no reading required so even the youngest Dora fans can play. Skills Learned: Shape Matching, Letter Recognition, Color Identification, Counting, Pattern Recognition, Greater than/Less than, Plus a little Spanish too. Features: Play as Dora, Boots, Diego, or Backpack; Play through 8 mini-games on your way to the Fiesta; Play with up to 4 players at a time.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by Nick Jr.)
Full Demo 38MB (uploaded by MasonRocks)

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