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Episode 1: Husher Mansion (Oct 31) Beware the shadows and the darkness which seem silent. Beware the closed doors, the whispering mirrors. Beware the Song of Horror that nests in the cracks of your mind. The famed writer Sebastian P. Husher has gone missing, along with his entire family. Worried, his editor sent an assistant to his house in order to look for him – but he never came back... These disappearances spark a set of events that will soon reveal something dreadful: a nameless, dark entity known only as The Presence seems to be responsible – and it’s still somewhere, out there, lurking in the shadows, waiting for you... You may die, but the horror continues – others will pick the investigation up from where you left it until you all find out the origin of The Presence and put an end to this nightmare. A paranormal adventure of unpredictable terror - it offers a truly dynamic terror experience: its antagonist, the supernatural entity known only as The Presence, is controlled by an advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) that adapts to your actions and decisions. Experience unbearable fear as this otherworldly being responds to your way of playing and hunts you down in unexpected ways, offering a unique experience to every player and gameplay where tension builds up naturally instead of coming from scripted sequences. As a player, you will live this story through the eyes of a varied set of characters related to the story in their own way. Every character is different, and brings their unique point of view to the investigation, allowing them to approach clues and items differently. Their actions and decisions will shape the world: some of them will know more or less of certain aspects of the story; some will be more effective against supernatural manifestations, but all of them can die if the Presence gets to them – and death is permanent. If they die, you will have to pick the story up with another one, and continue the investigation so their deaths are not in vain. Features: Investigate a paranormal mystery in a thrilling story of psychological horror; Beware The Presence, an otherworldly entity with its own AI that reacts to your actions and decisions in a non-scripted, unpredictable horror experience; Choose between a group of unique characters: each one brings its own point of view and has a different relation to the story and other characters; You may die, but the horror continues: death is permanent – when a character dies, it’s gone... but the next one will follow the investigation from where the deceased left it. The world will be shaped by their previous actions; Explore haunted, sinister locations to gather clues and items that will help you solve challenging puzzles while enduring the agonizing tension of the game's atmosphere. Episode 2: Eerily Quiet (Oct 31) Now you are ready to continue unraveling the mystery behind the haunted music box, whose song doesn’t seem to leave you alone. Your adventure takes you to an antique shop, a place hunted by the same entity at Husher’s Mansion. A terrifying new location: Färber’s Antique Shop, and the adjacent residential building. Meet two more characters: Erica, Färber’s daughter, and police officer René, on patrol in the neighborhood. New threats and challenges by The Presence. Experience a climatic ending that will test your limits. Episode 3: A Twisted Trail (Dec 13) Wanting to get rid of the haunting song, you decide to follow Husher’s investigation at the university he works at, the last place where he was seen. Joining forces with his closest acquaintances, you enter the building, where The Presence is more aggressive than ever before. Continue the adventure in a haunted university, cursed by the Song of Horror. A new way of experiencing the game: Change characters throughout the episode to explore and progress through different areas of the university. New characters join the story: Omar Nassiri, Husher’s coworker, and Grace Richards, Husher’s pupil, as well as a cameo from a surprising character. Featuring even more unique events, threats, and challenges by The Presence. Episode 4: The Last Concert (Jan 30) This is inspired by Amnesia: The Dark Descent, to create this setting. Look out for the references to other games, movies, books and more. The macabre St. Cecilia’s Abbey poses the toughest challenge you’ll encounter in Song of Horror: find the answers you need in the biggest location of the game before The Presence breaks you. Discover what happened to the monks of the Abbey while you face the diverse manifestations of The Presence, now more powerful than ever. A new narrative structure: Explore St Cecilia’s Abbey from different starting points depending on which character you choose, changing the way you experience this part of the story. Another character joins the fray: Meet Ernest Finnegan, a renowned archaeologist past his glory days and a dear friend of Husher, now looking to help him survive his current predicament. Returning characters will join Ernest depending on who you played with and who died in previous chapters. Episode 5: The Horror and The Song (May 28) It all comes together in this final episode. The horrors you witnessed. The answers you needed. The characters that you lost, and those who survived. And The Presence, now fully unleashed, connecting them all. The mental hospital Jeremy Hartwood holds your last chance to get rid of the cursed song. Build a bridge into the past to change the dooming future that awaits you, unraveling the origins of the eldritch entity that won’t let you go. The former patients of Jeremy Hartwood now haunt its eerie hallways, enthralled by The Presence's pull. Dive into the mind of the only person that listened to the song and survived to live another day through the unsettling memories of her doctor. Lidia properly joins the adventure. She is Daniel’s guardian angel and responsible for helping him overcome his alcoholism. Her selfless drive pushes her to help Daniel once again, this time with a different kind of problem. Witness the conclusion of your favorite characters and greet unexpected guests from the past. Their survival depends on your final actions in the story. A bone-chilling epilogue that changes everything. Song of Horror's last verse holds the final key to the story. How and why are The Presence and The Song connected? Will The Presence prevail over your characters?
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