Robokid [He] Orient Vision 1997

This was the first in a series of children's educational games about a funny Robby the robot. A developer from Israel prepared two quests for the kids (they were later translated into French) and this one journey full of puzzles. This is characterized by a low level of complexity, therefore, it is able to interest, rather, only young children. The plot is quite simple and ordinary: Robby traveled through the vast expanses of space, but suddenly his rocket crashed and landed on Earth. To bring the transport to working condition and return home, our polished friend must solve many puzzles of all kinds with your help - from choosing unnecessary pieces in a row to saving monkeys from a mountain gorge. Despite the presence of only Hebrew in the game, the conditions of the tasks will be clear even to children. Moreover, repeating unfamiliar words for Robby is also very exciting. Of course this is far from the best representative of children's games, but it also has its advantages: convenient control by the mouse; the ability to abandon a boring task without affecting the plot (the game has only one episode in which passing three puzzles in a row is mandatory); rich and beautiful music, while not annoying at all. There’s no need to talk much about graphics - three-dimensional objects look a little chopped, but in the puzzle genre this moment is not decisive. The game is recommended for people studying the culture of Israel, lovers of robots and simple puzzles. Parents should also pay attention to Robby, as it may turn out to be unexpectedly interesting for kids.
Hebrew ISO Demo + Full Demo 110+106MB (uploaded by

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