One Day Zhongce Games 2019

What would you do if you were stuck in one day? This is an FMV (full-motion video) game, in which the protagonist, Hu huan players play had time travel to a college student after a car accident. After the time travel, Hu huan has been repeating the same day. Every day is similar with that day. People around him have been very familiar, and everything around him is like a cage trapping him. How does he get out of the day? The key to this problem may be the persons around him... Starting from 8 am, each hour is a node. The players need to plan the places where each node goes during the day. They choose different manners to treat people, collect various props and gradually learn their life and missions from the feedback. The game is relaxing, brisk and full of interest. However, it is of certain degree of difficulty and it needs thinking to pass. Features: Video played by real persons; More than 100 video clip; Humorous and relaxing performance; Repulsive but interesting script.
Download: None currently available

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