Travels of Joe Rabbit in the Big City, The Swissoft Publishing Company 1994

A bright educational game for young viewers, the main character of which is a charming rabbit Joe. He carries a backpack behind his back, loves to travel and really wants to replenish his knowledge in a magical town. True, before starting training, it is necessary to get into this town, having solved the puzzle of the guard dog, and he loves apples so much. The town itself is represented by four streets with various shops and shops where you will find completely different goods: clothes, flowers, even delicious cupcakes!. One trouble is that you will have to pay for entering each of them. To do this, you have to go to the far right lane, where there is something like banks, but not quite ordinary. The first is called "Money Machine", the second - "Algebra". It is here that Joe’s most important talent will manifest itself - the rabbit perfectly calculates and remembers various sequences (not without your help, of course). For each completed task, whether it is computing or arranging figures or letters in order, our hero receives coins. Now you can go to meet the entertainment, of which the town is full. For example, in a clothing store you can fool from the heart, trying on various outfits, and you can also earn by fulfilling the seller’s requests for a combination of things. In the music store, Joe can arrange a whole disco by playing a tune and listening to it in the performance of various instruments. And how much he loves to dance! Another rabbit can drop into a flower shop to get a wonderful present for his girlfriend, who lives in a house near the city gates. It certainly attracts with its colorfulness, wonderful music, perfectly selected voices and fantastic kindness. The puzzles are quite amenable to a child familiar with numbers.
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