Star Cow Episode I: Dwarf Attack [Ru] Magnamedia 2002

In this plasticine animated advenutre, we have to get acquainted with the story of the cow of Muli and the gnome Koroviev, whose surname comes from his profession as a shepherd. Star cows feed on shooting stars and gives star milk, and goblins make the Milky Way out of it and precious stones. But on one rainy day an evil stone giant comes, steals the “brylyanty” and spoils the balloon, with the help of which the stars hang in the sky. Koroviev should tell stupid fellow tribesmen ways to solve pressing problems, and then take up the solution of his own, because the frightened herd fled. The developers limited themselves to using plasticine only to create models, not backgrounds, and they turned out pretty good, but the main advantage is still the music, very suitable for children's games. The story is conveyed by the narrator’s voice, other characters are also voiced, but in all cases a monstrous filter has been applied, so listening becomes, if not scary, at least unpleasant. Although the replicas are in moderation here, you also need to annoy the player with the rest of the time, which is served by a curved animation, the incredibly slow speed of movement of some characters (the movement is controlled from the keyboard, the actions with the mouse), the nightmarish physical model (which generally determines its appearance in such a game is a riddle), ridiculous puzzles and bugs. We have to go around locations for a long time and aimlessly (not because they are large, but because the goblins move slowly), engage in “intellectual mini-games”, for example, block the raging herd of cows along the path to the stone cliff. It is very easy to drive yourself into a dead end, it is impossible to predict such a situation in any way, and therefore often, when you start solving the next puzzle, a restart button is present on the screen. As already mentioned, the plasticine models were made quite well, but the way they are superimposed on two-dimensional backgrounds causes an inappropriate sense of falsehood, as if we were not living a fashioned world, but simply figures riding on painted cardboard.
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