Mission to McDonaldland Hardlight Interactive, Quoin Technology Pty. Ltd. / McDonald's Australia 1999

Astor, an alien from the planet McMars, makes first contact with Ronald McDonald and his friends in order to request permission to land and explore McDonaldland. Unfortunately, his spaceship collides with "the first dinosaur in space" on his way and crashes on Earth with his spacecraft in pieces. Ronald and friends step in to help out, setting out on a mission to locate all of the pieces of the spaceship. This point-and-click adventure game features a heavy focus on minigames. The player character moves around the screen on their own, following the player's cursor. Each area features a different player character, giving the player the chance to control the whole csat. Players can click on various items around the screen to interact with them. Aside from the McDonald's hub restaurant, players can travel to four different areas, each of which has its own minigame and a piece of the spaceship to find. After collecting all the pieces of the ship, players can then travel to McMars.
ISO Demo 347MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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