Ope Campus ADN 2018-2019 2019

This is a 3D platforming game in which you play as a little hero named Bô. His quest will lead him through enchanted forest and temples where he’ll need to deliver shamans from corruption before the sun sets forever. This game has 10 playable levels in which you’ll discover forest and temple environments. Forets are more 3D-platforming-oriented and the temples are puzzle-oriented. Throughout the adventure, you’ll learn many skills to help you during your quest such as dashing through walls, push rocks, double-jump and even transform your character in a little sphere to access new opportunities. The original title was developed in 15 weeks by the students of Campus ADN of 2018-2019 in Montreal, Canada. This videogame school made Blank and Ôpe productions possible. Each game was created by about 30 students in total from Animation, Level Design and Modeling programs during their third semester under the supervision of professionals from the industry.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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