Not For Broadcast NotGames / tinyBuild 2019

Prologue Look, mate - it’s not that hard. Choose the angles, roll the ads, and bleep the swears. Just keep in mind that how you show these people will change their lives. Don’t worry - you’ll get paid either way. In an alternate 1980s where the nation stumbles towards dystopia, join the National Nightly News team as they document the latest political scandal, the rise of a radical government, and which celebrity has for some reason written a book about it all. You only came in to clean the studio - but in a bizarre twist of fate, it's now up to you to determine exactly what goes on air. This is an immersive, narrative-driven propaganda sim that lets you set the agenda. Mix four camera feeds, choose the headlines, bleep the bad language - all under the pressure of a live broadcast. Will you censor the news and be rewarded, or expose the truth and live with the consequences? Frame the picture - Keep the general public entertained with your editing skills. You are the artist and the broadcast is your canvas. Keep it PG - Censor swear words… or “unapproved” information. Keep the news safe for children and oppressive political regimes alike. Hand-pick the headlines - Their public image is in your hands: run the story of a footballer's new beau, or his last dodgy night at the pub? His marriage and his life are in your hands. Cue the ads - Watch your bank balance soar or dive based on what advertisements you run. Customer satisfaction not guaranteed. The show must go on - Keep broadcasting no matter the cost. News stops for no-one, not even a category 5 storm. Keep them laughing as you go - The stress of playing a part in this twisted political turmoil getting you down? Sit back and relax - The National Nightly News team will take you from laughter to dread in the course of a commercial break. Chapter 1 (Jan 30/2020) Early Access will provide three full chapters, and developers will work alongside the community to a full ten chapters, with varied consequences for your actions. Chapter 2 (Jan 28/2021) - 24 adverts and countless new narrative branches for you to explore. Get ready to feel the consequences of your choices like never before, as the story takes a darker turn and temperatures rise in, and out, of the Newsroom. With balancing changes, updated mechanics and visuals throughout the game, including a much improved Interference System and a more cinematic experience between level. Chapter 3 (TBA)
Steam Free Prologue (uploaded by Steam)

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