Ally's Adventure 2: Ben Franklin Adventure Pharos Games 2002

Travel back in time with Ally in this historical adventure. Based on the classic Autobiography of Ben Franklin, this game features original 3D art based on Ben Franklin's life and times as seen through the eyes of Ally. This non-violent graphic adventure lets you play a card game based on Ben's famous 13 virtues, and answer questions posed by the characters to earn points. There are 55 levels in the full version, and it may be set to easy, medium or difficult skill levels. You may play the first 5 levels in the shareware version. Ally meets not only Ben Franklin, but Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Voltaire, Marie Antoinette and other historical characters in the full version of the game.
Included in: Ally's Adventure 3:Cherokee Trails ISO Demo 138MB also includes: Ally's Adventure: Through The Glass, Serpenthead, Cendric's Quest (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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