Alter Ego Future Games / bitComposer Games 2010

From the makers of The Black Mirror comes another spooky adventure set in South England, 1894. In the town of Plymouth the body of recently buried Sir William disappears under strange circumstances. This peculiar news would not stir such tremendous public interest if it was not Sir William himself. He was investigated several times during his life and although the police never managed to press charges against him, scary legends about his bloody crimes live on among the town people. There were only a few left who were willing to serve him and were brave enough to stand the look at his lifeless face. And most of them run away in horror after his death and series of murders that followed it. Police are helpless and not able to move forward with the case. The town is thrown into a state of panic and fear. Young ordinary thief Timothy gets utterly unwittingly involved in these events. His arrival is characteristic enough already - he came as a black passenger on a ship and was brought into the town in handcuffs. But Timothy has completely different plans. He dreams of getting to America where he wants to start a new life. But the mysterious destiny will soon make him – and not only him - realize how winding its paths can be. Timothy Moor is an innocent with a soul of a thief who grew up on the street and never had an easy life. He lies and cheats - yet is he a faithful friend. His pleasant smile hides his dark side and he often abuses trust of the fair sex. He does not hesitate to rob a blind violinist but when the need may be he is able to risk his own life to save a friend or a stranger woman in distress. He despises police and he always stays where the law cannot reach him. His overgrown self-confidence and a unfortunate concurrence of circumstances throw him in jail and his dreams about his journey to America are quickly turning into dust. Detective Bristol is an English gentleman, the personification of law and hard-edged justice. Systematically rigorous, at first look calm and principled. He is investigating the circumstances under which Sir Williams’s body disappeared from the cemetery but refuses to believe in the existence of a monster. Yet the everyday news about increasingly brutal murders take the firm ground from under his feet away. Soon he faces big decision - how far is he able to go in abandoning his principles in order to solve the case?
English Level Demo 1.25GB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
DVD ISO Demo 1.35GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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