Putlestory [J] Studio Mangosteen 1996

Vita Lakamaya. It is a city that does not exist in the maps drawn by humans, and the city where mysterious creatures live.I wandered into Vita Lakamaya like that, called "Putle" from the people I met there, they were treated as despised and treated as an outsider. What kind of existence is "putle" for them? This is an interactive picture book that develops from the viewpoint of the player. It's sequel is Pantos Story. In 2005, a free Flash version was made available as an alternate retelling. In seven chapters, players are transported to the mysterious country of Vita Lakamaya, a land far past the edge of any human map. There the young creature Topy guides players around the countryside where they encounter a wide variety of creatures. Unlike the original, which featured fully-animated colour artwork, this game features static hand-drawn pencil artwork.
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Japanese Hybrid PC/MAC ISO Demo + Scans 267MB (uploaded by mcplsfm)
Browser-Playable Free Japanese Flash Game (uploaded by Official Site)
2005 Flash Screenshots

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