Ghaib [In] ITB Students 2010

This is an Indonesian first person action horror game played on a desktop platform. Unlike the FPS game in general, Ghaib uses Al-Qur'an as the main weapon to conquer enemies. To fight the enemy and attack, the player must read the verses displayed on the screen. Driving a car with her sister on a night to be an experience not to be forgotten pledge during his lifetime. As he was driving the car, he saw a white figure appeared suddenly in front of the car he was driving. With a feeling of panic, Pledge swerved his car and had an accident that made him unconscious. Once he realized he could no longer find his brother, who was beside him. With a semi-conscious, Pledge can hear the faint sound of her brother for help from a distance. After struggling to get out of the car, the Pledge was determined to find her brother and then exploring an unfamiliar forest at all. However, it turns out in the forest he is not alone. In the midst of his search, he found the creature ... Ghaib. At each level, the player will be required to pass through obstacles in the form of an enemy either active or passive difficulties such as finding the door lock, solve puzzles, and so on. Active enemies here are supernatural creatures such as kuntilanak, pocong, etc., that will chase and attack players actively. The way to fight them is to issue the Qur'an and read the verse that comes out on the screen by using a microphone. When this verse is read correctly, the enemy will be in pain and eventually disappear (lose). Objective is reaching the end of a series of levels that will be faced by the players. In this game there will be a series of levels that players pass consecutively. At each level, the player is required to reach the end point level and then be taken to the next level. There will be many obstacles in each level as against the enemies in the form of a ghost, looking for items, or solving puzzles. When the player reaches the last level where the game will be finished, the player will be given the ending scene of the story contained in the game.
Indonesian Free Game 356MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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