Mighty Math: Calculating Crew Edmark 1997

For Ages 8-12, students learn about multiplication and division of whole numbers and decimals, number line concepts, 3D shapes and their properties, and money transactions. In four activities, students recover hidden treasures, deliver essential supplies to a distant planet, and examine 2D shapes and 3D solids. Immerse Yourself in a Nautical Number Line with Wanda Wavelet. Dive in and recover treasure hidden along an underwater number line. Estimate, round, add, subtract, and multiply numbers from hundredths to thousands, and work with whole numbers, fractions and decimals to locate the valuable treasure. Includes 2-player option. Master Your Money Math in the Superhero Superstore - Help Superheroes buy the items they'll need to save the city from disaster. Compute the total cost of the Superheroes' gear, then accept payment and make change so they can save the day. Explore 2 and 3 Dimensions with a Superhero Scientist. Work with 10 solids and their flattened "nets" and learn to think in 2 and 3 dimensions as you assist the ingenious Dr. Gee with her shape-shifting experiments. Multiply and Divide with Captain Nick Knack, Supertrader. The citizens of Planet Havarti depend on Captain Nick Knack for essential supplies. Master multiplication and division, from the basic facts to long division, as you help Nick distribute his cargo to the Havartians. Learning Opportunities: Problem Solving; Inductive & Deductive Reasoning; Estimation & Rounding; 3D Geometry & Spatial Thinking Skills; 1- to 4-Digit Addition & Subtraction; 1- to 3-Digit Multiplication & Division; Money Transactions; Whole Numbers, Fractions & Decimals on a Number Line.
ISO Demo 54MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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