Ever, Jane 3 Turn Productions 2016

This is a unique MMORPG that focuses on party attendance, gossip, dinner parties, and role-playing in a Jane Austen-inspired world. Players build stories through their actions, while the game's quests are derived from player's actions and stories. Compete against other players through gossip in Ever, Jane, utilizing rumors and slander as weaponry instead of swords and magic. Gossip comes at a cost: those who are caught lying about someone to harm their reputation can be shafted entirely from society, never to be invited to a party again. The game revolves around the polite and biting world of Regency-era England, through the witty and critical eye of writer Jane Austen. It focuses on role-playing and social interaction with other players, which are reinforced by the game's Personality Traits that define your character with a variety of dynamic traits. Attend balls and dinner parties and see your reputation skyrocket, at the cost of being more susceptible to enemy gossip. Character Customization – pick from a variety of character traits that define the way that your character interacts with the world, including: Status, Happiness, Kindness, Duty, Reputation, Gentility, Wealth, Beauty, Grace, and Wit. Attend a Ball or Dinner Party – acquire gowns, formal attire, and carriages in preparation for massive parties thrown by other players, where your personality traits can skyrocket in level. Family System – the game's version of guilds: join a collection of players who play as a group to increase their family's status, pulling together through crises to avoid a family-wide reputation drop. Gossip and Intrigue – enter Regency-era England through the lens of Jane Austen, fighting enemy gossip as opposed to enemy monsters, using your actions to propel you to high society. Mini Games – emulate the daily lives of characters with mini games that were used in Jane Austen's books, such as ballroom dancing, Whist, embroidery, hunting, fishing, and a variety of other games that increase personality traits. The game servers were shut down on Dec/2020.
Download: None currently available

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