Ancient Evil Silver Lightning Software / Roadshow Entertainment 1998

This is a fun, no-frills "oldskool" RPG that is similar to Blades of Exile for good attention to details and old-fashioned hack-and-slash fun. The plot goes as follows: for centuries, would-be heroes have been pitting their skills against the Crypt of the Ancients. Controlled by the seemingly ageless arch-mage Alaric, it is believed to have been built over five thousands years ago as a resting place for 'The Ancients' - Demigods who created the world. Now, the Crypt is way to earn money, as Alaric offers a prize of 50,000 gold coins for anybody who enters the Crypt and lives to tell the tale. In the history of the challenge, just two people have ever emerged from its mysterious confines - Alaric himself, and Jetraal the Heroic. But Jetraal was last seen 300 years ago, before he mysteriously died. Until now. Jetraal's ghost has returned, warning people of impending doom unless Alaric is stopped. But stopped from doing what.... it's up to you to find out. Presented in 3D isometric view, Ancient Evil boasts excellent graphics, with 30+ fully-textured monsters, realistic lighting effects, and a lot of interesting magical weapons and spells to find and use. Most combat is tough, but fortunately not too tough as to be frustrating. With huge dungeon maps (20+ levels) and an intuitive player interface, decent hack-and-slash gameplay, and lots of puzzles and exploration, Ancient Evil looks and feels like a solid RPG that offers enough well-developed gameplay to rekindle the interests of anyone who thinks he or she has outgrown SSI's AD&D classics. A 2001 version titled Ancient Evil: Curse of the Snake Cult used an "enhanced" version of the original gaming engine.
Full Demo 18MB (@ Fajnegry) *search szukaj
Full Demo 21MB (@ Juego Viejo)
Ancient Evil: Curse of the Snake Cult - Full Demo 45MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Clone ISO Demo 76MB (uploaded by
Ancient Evil: Curse Of The Snake Cult - ISO Demo 52MB (uploaded by Abandonsocios)

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