Follia: Dear Father Real Game Machine 2020

Marcus Pitt, a young man whose only claim to fame is that both his parents work at a university, is drawn into the horrors that have emerged on the campus of the very same institution. His journey to find his parents, or at least find out what has happened to them, will take him into his worst nightmares – the seat of learning has been transformed into a place of death and horror. As he makes his way through the madness, Marcus will have to fight to make it out alive and with his sanity intact. Starting with just a handful of items to help him navigate the dimly lit corridors, he has to summon all his strength to survive and continue the search for his parents. Even though it might already be too late, his hopes of finding them alive will not die – unlike everyone else on campus, who already seem to have met their own gory end. Explore and look for clues that will help you unravel the mystery of how a university has become a slaughterhouse. Keep your eyes open – your flashlight could die any minute and engulf you in darkness. Sneak along corridors, explore every room you come across, and backtrack to find more clues and access additional parts of the university’s campus. But remember – whatever has happened here, evil has now seeped into every part of this immense university. Immersive survival horror experience – You never know where enemies will appear from in the darkness. Replay value – Challenge yourself in three difficulty modes, from beginner to hardcore gamer. Keep low and quiet – Stealth is the key to survival... sometimes. Explore – Find items, resources, and collectables to uncover every secret. Hear that?! – An atmospheric soundtrack and ambient sounds that will make your blood run cold. Engulfing VR experience DLC – Completely immerse yourself in the horror with virtual reality (available for HTC Vive). Backtrack – Unlock additional parts of the map. Your exploration will be rewarded. Horrifyingly deadly enemies – Each one is different, so make sure you know what you're doing before you approach them. A VR version is sold separately.
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