Lammana: The Looe Island Mystery Darkling Room 2020

Release Date: TBA This is a Supernatural, Paranormal and Lovecraftian themed mystery computer game, set in Cornwall, Looe Island and the Looe bay - where Darkling Room is based. Journey to Lamanna, through the historic 'found footage' of William H Boston. Explore the cursed island off Cornwall's coast. The Looe Island Mystery awaits as you retrace the steps of Boston, an ill-fated young man who disappeared on a unexplained quest, in 1923. Interact with 'found footage', the old film reels, to discover a dark mystery involving treasure, exploration and sea monsters. 'Play through' the last surviving footage of William's cursed adventure, bit by bit, to a shocking end. It uses actual 'found footage' of William H Boston, a series of film fragments, shot at some point in 1924, on and around Looe Island in Cornwall. The Film Archive of Massachusetts have asked for an 'interactive' version of the footage, to better understand the mystery surrounding the reels of period film. They were shot on film, in secret, and sent without fail, to a famous correspondent in the USA, at great effort and expense. Why? What was William trying to find? William H Boston vanished in 1924, never to be seen again, some say 'foul play', others claim madness and isolation. What brought Boston to Cornwall? Why did he meticulously record his every activity? There has always been talk of treasure on the Island, from local gossip to blockbuster movies. The Island does boast a strong history of pirates, smugglers and skulduggery, but any treasure hunt, or archaeological search has proved fruitless, though few have tried. For it is said the Island is CURSED. That's right, shiver me timbers and all that pirate fun, but Looe Island is a very real place, with ghosts, legend and a history from before written word. There are skeletons beneath the soil, and lost buildings, created by monks, long long ago. Now the place is quiet, as it was in the 1920's, when the 'found footage' was shot and captured, before being sent overseas. The reels of film were sent to H.P.Lovecraft (a notable author) by a William H Boston of Massachusetts (probably not his real name). Each day of Williams life, on the Island, was recorded on film and sent, without fail, to Lovecraft (In New York), a regular correspondent, at great cost and effort. The film reels were rediscovered, totally by chance, by staff clearing the old City Archives, during a downsize, in Boston, USA. The footage was thought, at first, to be harmless 'trick photography', until they were verified by the curators. Some time was spent identifying the island seen in the film footage. At first it was thought be a small Island off of New England, but none of the geography matched the footage. It's all innocent and without cause for concern, until the Last Reel was found. The footage we have seen defies explanation. Shapes, creatures, sea monsters and some terrible 'being' beneath the waves. Was Mr.Boston as expert faker, employing simple tricks and effects, way ahead of his time? Did Lovecraft fund the expedition to Looe Island, led by his fascination with the ancient world and those 'that went before'. Both certainly had an interest in astronomy, perverse nature and the twisted nature of reality. Features: Explore Lamanna Island, surrounding Seas and nearby coast; Solve a myriad of puzzles and enigmas; Discover an island of dark mystery and dangerous curses; A period 'Found Footage' mystery in a classic style 'point and click' adventure; Repeat the actions of Boston as he film the investigation; Learn what happened to William H Boston; Reveal the dark mystery involving treasure, exploration and sea monsters; Single Player.
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