Arthur's Pet Chase ImaginEngine Corp. / The Learning Company 2003

This is a cartoon-style side-scrolling platform game starring characters from a popular children's book series by author Marc Brown, also made into a PBS television series. Arthur is a young aardvark entrepreneur - he has started up a pet-sitting business in his home, and as the game opens, he signs in his 30th customer. All seems to be going well, although his mother and sister DW plant doubts about his ability to care for so many animals. As Arthur goes to sleep, he falls into a nightmarish dream - all of the animals have gotten loose and are running around the city, and Arthur has to chase them down one by one. The player guides Arthur through 30 levels in 5 different areas: Arthur's Neighborhood, DW's Room, The Sugar Bowl, The Library, The Haunted House. There are different monsters and different power-ups in each area - the weapon of choice is a water balloon, which stuns opponents long enough to get past them. The player begins the game with water balloons as well as X-Ray Vision Eyeglasses, which make the pet's paw prints visible. As he progresses through the levels, the player can pick up the Bionic Bunny Super-Strength Cape, allowing him to move large objects out of his path, and DW's Safety Scissors, for cutting ropes that block his way. Arthur can climb, run, crouch, and jump over spaces and objects using the keyboard controls, collecting power bars and moon boots and avoiding gum, which slows him down. Milk cartons denote checkpoints, which Arthur is returned to if he falls or runs into an enemy. Enemies vary from flying books and witches to evil troll dolls and malignant hamburgers. Pressing P (for Pause) brings up the level selection screen, where the player can view how many power bars were collected and whether or not a pet was found on a level, and elect to return to any level already played.
ISO Demo 316MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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