Elmo Through the Looking-Glass / Sesame Street Reading Adventure Creative Wonders 1998

Elmo goes through the looking-glass in his room to find the little red monster he sees there. Skills emphasized include object identification, visual discrimination, vocabulary, matching, and reading. In 1998, this game was included in the 2-disc Elmo's Reading: Preschool and Kindergarten CD-ROM set, along with Elmo's Reading Basics. The name is inspired by Alice in Wonderland sequel Alice Through the Looking Glass; Lewis Carroll's writing later inspired Abby in Wonderland. Contents: "Royal Chess Match" - Help Elmo set back up the chess board; "Name Game" - Help the Two-Headed Monster identify what's in his tree; "In Grover's Pond" - Make a "creature" from the 3 items described by the little red monster; "Grouchy Sundae Party" - Make grouchy sundaes with Oscar; "Playing Cards" - Put the right number of hearts on the cards; "All the Elmos in the World" - Mix and match monster parts with Elmo.
ISO Demo 623MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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