Rainbow Fish and the Whale EMME Interactive SA, Lexis Numérique SA 2001

This is based on characters created by children's book author and illustrator Marcus Pfister in a series of picture books starring the colorful fish. Similar to another game in the series, Rainbow Fish and the Amazing Lagoon, this is a point-and-click interactive story/adventure. Rainbow Fish is unaware that his playtime is being watched happily from afar by Whale, until the day Hermit Crab comes scuttling by with the news that Whale has accidentally swallowed his friends. Before long, Rainbow Fish and Hermit Crab have followed them into the whale's belly and begun the search for each and every one. Among the many mini-games and quests that arise are: Find Giggles where he is hiding in a mound of junk, then try to catch him as he pops up randomly through coral pipes; Free Molo from his imprisonment by the crab brothers while avoiding their pinches; Sort mussels by color by herding them into their own corrals; Help free Ruby from a giant bubble by popping small bubbles before they get in Rainbow Fish's way; release a seahorse baby from it's flower by helping the flower bloom; Repair Whale's broken geyser machine by finding the missing sea urchins and fitting them to the machine; Ultimately, cure Whale's hiccups before finding the way out. The player can select from two difficulty levels at the sign-in page, and is often presented with choices such as whether to continue with an action, or follow a given character into a quest. The choices are presented in the form of Yes-No fish; a little nodding fish and a head-shaking one, making it simple enough for younger players. Choices made lead to the final selection from two possible ways to exit Whale, allowing for two different endings.
ISO Demo 229MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
Arcobaleno e la balena azzurra - Italian ISO Demo 156MB (uploaded by myloch)

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