Endless Forms Most Beautiful Locomalito / RGCD.DEV Ltd 2012

This is a remake of the brilliant ZX Spectrum game created by Dave Hughes in 2012. The game includes bizarre mechanics that force players to concentrate and use all their mental power. The remake has new elements and game modes for cooperative and versus plays. Imps exist. Just beyond our limited perceptions and in numerous variety. Imps are responsible for your keys going missing or that missing sock from the laundry. Two clans want the imps. The Moebius clan from the 48th plane of existence and the Puckies from the ZX quadrant. Who will be the ultimate victor? You still play as Moebius or Pucky, you must gather all the imps from a screen to clear it, the screen wrap and teleporters still make you move up or down levels. New to this game are that some enemies have been enhanced (run at you or fire at you, etc.), there is a time limit, and imps drop bonus items or bombs. The bonus items will grant you speed, freeze enemies for a time, add to your time, etc. Bonus items must also be cleared to clear a level. A bomb will destroy anyone on the same level, when it explodes. This means you and/or the enemy. Also added is a two player option. In co-op mode, you and a friend try to gather all the imps and clear the level. In versus mode, the game selects three random levels. Both players try to gather as many imps as they can. The player with the most in the end, wins. Features: Braincrashing game mechanics; 2 players on cooperative or versus mode; 15 levels with procedurally generated backgrounds and creatures; It can be played with a single hand using arrow keys.
Free Game 23MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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