We Went Back Dead Thread Games 2020

You wake up in an abandoned space station. Alone. GO. Who: You. Just you. All by yourself. What: You're trying to find a way out. When: Depends on who you ask. Where: An abandoned space station. Why: Be honest – do we ever know why? How: Find clues. Solve a puzzle. Get scared. Get out. This is roughly a 30-50 minute experience. Here's what we love about it: Dynamically Changing Environments - You can experience multiple changes within the space station's environment. The devil is in the details. Escape Room Style Gameplay - Love escape rooms? So do we. There are clues to find and a puzzle to solve. The environment holds the key. 70's Inspired Retro-Futuristic Art Style - Everything is influenced by that old-school space aesthetic we all love, from each poster all the way down to the teensiest decal. There's a Rat - We have a rat. No, you cannot pet him but he’s loved nonetheless.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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