Thrillgate Gabarts Digital 2020

Oregon, summer of 1987... A comic strip, a classic point n' click, a surreal adventure set in the 80's. Gabriel Chunk, a young student, videogames enthusiast, suddenly finds himself in the middle of a mysterious event that shakes the quiet town of Ashburg. Gabriel, along with his dear two friends, Mike and Penny, will need to find out what really happened... but the journey hides unexpected consequences. A strange entity lies behind Gabriel's adventures, bringing him towards surreal worlds. What really happened in Ashburg? What's the mysterious Thrillgate? Will Gabriel be able to complete his journey and find out the truth? A tribute to the classic adventures, between comics, films and videogames. Use all your point n' click skills and experiences, following Gabriel to the unknown. Features: An adventure set in the 80's and beyond; 3 playable characters and classic dialogs; 40 different hand drawn colored locations; Original music and SFX; Comic book style cutscenes; Classic style interface and interactive cursor; Easter eggs; Logic puzzles of different level of difficulty; Oh, and if you have never used an Akari XT, well, here you can do it. For a better playing experience headphones and mouse are highly suggested.
Download: None currently available

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