Suli: Fallen Harmony CoutalGames 2020

Way down from the sky, Banished by the gods, Unable to fly, Comes the wingless chaos. Ravaged by the storm, The earth welcomes it, And through the gate they'll form, All Hell will fit. Let's start the adventure. Suli, a playful young bird, needs you to accompany him on a crazy journey. According to a mysterious prophecy, Harmony island and its residents are in great danger... Visit some colorful and various places, resolve puzzles, defeat the chaos and bring peace back on Harmony. Meet colorful villagers. On your adventure, find and combine hidden objects, explore the island and interact with many charming characters. Love them, laugh and shiver with them. All different, all fun to talk with, they’re your new friends. Well... most of them. Explore and try everything to unlock achievements. Try everything and discover many achievements hidden in the game. Collect all of them and become the king of trophies. We bet some of them will surprise you.
Level Demo 304MB (uploaded by

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