Brand Im Hafen? [G] BVM Produktion / Heureka-Klett Softwareverlag 2002

Fire in the port? The question is actually unnecessary, because it definitely burned in Plautzen's fish camp, where Janny, the heroine of this adventure, took a vacation job to earn a little money. Strange, because who is lighting a camp full of fish? Janny starts her investigation and at first everything seems to indicate that a brokerage firm that wants to buy Plautzen's fish store has set the store on fire to force it to sell. But the first appearance is deceptive, as is so often the case, and before Janny realizes it, she is on the track of a complicated crime case in which almost every port dweller seems to be involved in his own way. What about the basement in Lore Beins tattoo shop? Why suddenly do guests no longer get the food in Sue Li Bais Asian snack? And who is the mysterious, bull-nosed candy cracker? Immigrant Sue Li Bai and the somewhat conceited journalist Thomas Schneider help Janny with her research. This is an exciting adventure game for teenagers and adults from the age of twelve. The atmospheric 3-D interiors contribute a lot to the fascinating atmosphere of the game, and the characters not only appear three-dimensionally in graphic terms, but are also absolutely psychologically credible. The navigation, the administration of the inventory and the dialog control are controlled by the so-called Braintool, a handy solution to always keep an overview of the game status. The integration of all sorts of knowledge that can be practically acquired while playing is also a success. For example, you have to learn to use Cyrillic letters or Morse code to solve certain puzzles, or you have to deal with plant science. The didactic parts of the game are never instructional, but are always meaningfully integrated into the game action. Overall, the game was very successful and worthy of the previous Klett learning adventure series. Features: Convincing, atmospheric 3-D graphics; Very good soundtrack and professional speaker; The learning content, which mainly deals with practical everyday knowledge, is unobtrusively integrated into the adventure story.
German Level Demo 78MB (uploaded by Adventurespiele)
German ISO Demo 431MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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