Chaos Am Set? [G] BVM Produktion / Heureka-Klett Softwareverlag 2002

Jo won in a competition and is allowed to visit the TV studio of his favorite soap. On the set, he is disappointed to find that the main actress has disappeared. Isn't there more to it? Indeed, it appears to be a kidnapping. Now you need full concentration, combination skills and tact. And interdisciplinary knowledge also plays an important role - if Jo wants to find out the true background of the kidnapping. If you want to master the gripping mission, you need a good dose of flair and interdisciplinary knowledge. Situational, real-life learning and problem-solving thinking are encouraged. The combination of intelligent crime story and playfully applied everyday knowledge is unique - and guarantees hours of fun at a high level. The thriller learning adventure is as exciting as in the cinema, this is what the thriller learning adventures ensure with their new, very special combination: exciting thriller elements bring a real detective feeling to the tricky story on the set. The mission requires interdisciplinary knowledge, knowledge of human nature and combination skills. This is the only way to finally outwit the mysterious kidnapper. Everyday knowledge - Whether natural sciences, foreign languages ​​or art - diverse knowledge from a wide variety of areas plays a decisive role in the search for the missing diva. Some of the people on the set are real experts in some areas and can help with valuable tips. Now the only thing left to do is to apply the knowledge correctly. The new Braintool is both a communication center and an electronic notebook. It protects all important data, facts and assumptions. The tool is used to hold conversations and collect and examine evidence. In the style of a mind map, you also have an overview of the current status of the investigations at all times. How does fog form from dry ice? How can the authenticity of diamonds be tested? And how do the different statements fit together? Thanks to Braintool, you can always see all results at a glance. Inconsistencies and treacherous traces are quickly discovered. The colleague, the production manager or the camera operator - there is a lot of talk on the set. But not everyone always tells the truth and the individual has their preferences and attitudes. If you are not careful here, you quickly messed up with someone.
German Level Demo 84MB (uploaded by Adventurespiele)
German ISO Demo 513MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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