Monty On The Run Mersey Remakes, Space-Time Games 2004

Remake of Monty on the Run, a beloved platformer computer game created by the software house Gremlin Graphics and originally released in 1985 for the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and Commodore Plus/4, written by Peter Harrap for the ZX Spectrum with music by Rob Hubbard. Monty Mole was imprisoned due to his coal theft in the game "Wanted: Monty Mole", and rescued by Sam Stoat in "Monty is Innocent". Now he has to get out of Britain while he still can. Like the original, the game is a flick-screen platformer with puzzly leanings. Learning the movement paths of enemies, and the timing sequence of the crushers, and working out a path across the screen by using the offered ropes and platforms. Not all parts of all screens can be accessed at once. You will need to collect money and other items along the way. Before starting the game, you must choose five items from a selection of 21 to form your 'Freedom Kit' – correct selections are essential to complete the game, and a degree of trial and error is required to know which ones are correct. Super fit and desperate for freedom, Monty makes his daring escape from scudmore prison. Hounded by the bastions of law and order, our hero finds refuge with the criminal underworld who offer him his chance to breath fresh air and bask in the sunlight once again. Moving from safehouse to hideout to underground lair. On his way Monty must collect gold coins that will make him a mole of leisure. At last he's free but can he make the cross channel ferry on time? In 2005, another remake was released by Space-Time Games.
Mersey Remakes - Free Game 7.4MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
Space-Time Games - Free Game 2.5MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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