Rising Hell Tahoe Games / Toge Productions, Another Indie 2019

Early Access Release This is a vertical platformer rogue-lite filled with adrenaline-pumping action and tons of heavy gothic metal shreds. Climb out from the ever-changing hell while you fight hordes of blood-lusting demons. Fight your way through hordes of blood-lusting demons and escape hell as you unlock new characters and talents to create chaos in the randomly generated and ever-changing landscape of hell. Heavy-metal riffs and pixelated madness will accompany you as you fight your way out from the depths of fiery hell, facing the bugs-ridden Beelzebubā€™s Lair, and other pits of hell with different creatures, bosses, and living traps lurking around. Chaining combos, jumping maneuvers, and talent building will be your key to help you climb your way out of hell in this adrenaline-pumping vertical platformer. Features: Vertical Rogue-lite - Climb out of the ever-changing procedurally generated hell while the ever-present threat of permadeath fills your veins with adrenaline; Epic Boss Battles - Slay gigantic ancient demons such as Dagon, Beelzebub, and many more; Multiple Game Modes - Choose between campaign and challenge modes complete with its own leaderboards; Unlockable Characters - Play and unlock different characters that will give you a variety of different play-styles and strategies.
Download: None currently available

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