Tunics! Legofarmen 2015

This is a Rogue-like Legend of Zelda quest. It means it's only dungeons, and they are randomly generated. Moreover, once you're dead, you'll have to restart from the beginning, losing all your improvements (weapons, health, etc). It was made with the free Solarus game engine created by fans of Legend of Zelda. Hyrule is at peace, there are no super-villains running amok but our hero has found himself in the unfortunate situation of having fallen down a hole and now he needs to get out. The only way out is through the dungeons. Starting with basically nothing the player progresses through several tiers of dungeons with increasing difficulty. Each tier will present new challenges and the player will need to use skills and items acquired throughout the quest to progress. Each new tier is randomly generated and each play-through will feel unique. For each dungeon, the following elements will be random, some purely computationally, others from a vast database of components: Dungeon layout; Dungeon treasure and obstacles; Room size and shape; Room content; Graphic tileset family; Graphic tileset palette; Music; Enemies; The game uses permadeath, meaning the player will have to start over on dying. A full playthrough will last about 30-40 minutes but the player can choose to continue beyond the final tier. Things will get increasingly hard but there may be rewards in the in the deeper dungeons.
Free Game v0.30 + Solarus Game Engine v1.6.4 7+15.8MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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