Flower Collectors, The Mi'pu'mi Games GmbH 2020

A detective mystery set in the political powder-keg of Barcelona in 1977. You play Jorge, a retired policeman who uses a wheelchair, struggling with a difficult past. Alone on your balcony, you watch the world pass by through binoculars. One stormy night, you witness a murder. Determined to uncover the truth, you form an unlikely alliance with young ambitious journalist Melinda and start your investigation. Together, you’ll solve a complex mystery by unravelling the secrets of unsuspecting neighbours. Inspired by classic crime noir films and games like Campo Santo's Firewatch, This is a detective story with a whole lot of heart. Features: Solve a captivating murder mystery with an unusual storyline; Meet a host of colourful anthropomorphic characters in a lush, atmospheric world; Investigate using your binoculars, camera and transmitter to uncover neighborhood secrets from your balcony; Create a crime chronology to figure out whodunnit; Interrogate priests, beggars, club singers and nosy old ladies alike; Dive into the unique setting of post-Franco Barcelona in the 70ies; Emphasizes characters, world building and narrative over skill challenges.
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