Shengnü zhi Ge: Heroine Anthem - The Elect of Wassernixe [Tw] Winking WindThunder 2002

Edda is a young girl who grew up in a small northern village together with her childhood friend Hulen. One day, enemies attack the village, and Edda is captured and transported to their slave ship. But a mysterious creature attacks the ship, and Edda sinks to the bottom of sea. But she is not dead. Miraculously, she was turned into a mermaid. It appears that the sea is populated by mythical creatures she has heard about from legends. Just when she realizes she would probably never be able to see her world again, a clever little lobster named Bedin declares he is willing to help her. Heroine Anthem is a Chinese (Taiwan)-made role-playing game. Unlike most other Chinese RPGs, it is not set in historical China, but in a fantasy world based on Scandinavian mythology. The game's art is influenced by Japanese anime style. The navigation is done from third-person perspective in predominantly side-scrolling environments. The enemies are visible on screen, and a contact with them initiates a battle. When the player enters a battle, party members must be set on the battle field. Even though the engine is turn-based, there is a real-time element in the battles: enemies will attack continuously, and the player has to assign commands to the characters quickly in order to act. In 2019, the game with full voice acting was released as freeware.
Chinese-Taiwan Freeware Game 3GB (uploaded by Official Site)
Partial English Translation 2.8MB (uploaded by Github)
Chinese-Taiwan 6CD ISO Demo + No-CD Patch 570+547+552+552+552+441MB (uploaded by

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