Shengnu zhi Ge: Heroine Anthem II - The Angel of Sarem [Tw] Winking WindThunder / Unistar 2003

Edda grew up in a simple, pure village, and could never imagine she would have a life full of adventures and danger. But one day there was a storm on the ocean, and Edda was transported into the secret land of fish people. There she met the lobster Bedin, a pupil of a wise magician and a treasure hunter. Together with him and her childhood friend, the powerful warrior Hulen, Edda embarks on a quest to put an end to a sinister force that threatens humanity. Heroine Anthem II continues directly the story which started in the first game. Although a Chinese (Taiwan)-made RPG, the game differs from others of its kind by being set in a fantasy land and not in historical China. Graphically it is heavily influenced by Japanese anime style. The game features large character sprites and hand-painted backgrounds. Enemy encounters are not random: enemies are visible on screen before the player initiates a battle with them. During the turn-based battles, the player can position and move characters tactically on the small battle screen.
Chinese-Taiwan Freeware Game 4GB (uploaded by Official Site)
Chinese-Taiwan 4CD ISO Demo + CD key 646+762+746+662MB (uploaded by

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