Lost Lands: Redemption Five-BN / Big Fish Games 2020

After working so diligently to maintain order in the Lost Lands, Susan finds herself returning home when a dangerous relic is discovered on Earth. However, because of the time difference between the two worlds, Susan was away much longer than she anticipated, and her son Jim has grown very angry with her. Will Jim forgive his mother and mend their relationship while there’s disaster all around? It's time to go exploring. Find hidden locations and collect manuscripts full of ancient knowledge. Use your wits to solve incredible mysteries in order to defeat a vengeful deity. Features: Help Susan reconnect with her son; Fantastic locations and beautiful graphics; Unexpected plot twists. The Collector’s Edition includes a bonus chapter, morphing objects, collections, achievements, wallpapers, concept art, bonus puzzles and much more.
1-Hour Trial Demo 523MB (uploaded by Big Fish Games)

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