Quite Soulless Vasily Zotov 2008

Dive into the surreal world of J.MacGoey's adventure, where only aliens could help him to get out or even to understand where he is... It's a 3D adventure game, which, in the Russian author's own words, contains 1000 pictures, 100 movies and 8 hours of gameplay. Why does it all fall on the Jonothan MacGoey? Why are his sister and father dead? Why is he followed by the outerspace monster? Why does he meet again and again that bird, rat and strange indian? Why has he a feeling, that there is some story... around this? May be it is all because the whole city IS GOING MAD. More and more people were sent TO THE PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITALS. Or they disappear in the UNDEGROUND TUNNELS. There are space debris flying through the EARTH ATMOSPHERE. Even the color of the sky HAS CHANGED. That was the moment, Jonothan took THE PHOTO of the blue phantom, when he noticed, that may be even he... NEEDS THE DOCTOR. May be the aliens cause these vile four tentacles creatures, people see sometimes. Jonothan knows, they have a special vortex in the system of tunnels of the railroad, where they transform to the humans. Jonothan's sister Stacy killed the importunate bird, which comes with the indian servant Vazu Atluri. The servant had two strangest things - the briefcase with the lantern, and the finger-ring. With that finger-ring he hypnotized Stacy. Then the Soviet Straight Walking Rat, which worked for the aliens, killed her. When father was alive, they already had killed the indian servant, but he is here somewhere again... In the smoke, or above the square... Flying... An indian rope trick. Ha, ha.... He can remember everything. When he was a child... He bought rat and bird from the indian merchant. He was advised, that there was a condition. That he would be in charge... Of them... But animals died... And somebody revenges now.
ISO Demo 1.5GB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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