Pride and Prejudice Jon Williams, Steve Perrin, John Calhoun / Baen Software 1985

This text adventure is based on the novel of the English writer Jane Austen, published in 1813 and in a somewhat ironic vein, tells about the life of secular society of that time. The work received more than one film adaptation, including with the participation of star Hollywood actors, but very few people probably know that there was also a computer game based on it. We act as a girl entering the high society, whose year and month of birth you can choose in the proposed range (from March to September 1795-1820), and enter the name yourself. Next, we determine one of three difficulty levels - and proceed to the distribution of parameters that are randomly numerically attached to five characteristics: beauty, intelligence, horseback riding, ballroom dancing and music making. If something doesn’t work, you can transfer the virtual cube. That's it, the creation of the character is completed (in the event that there are several live players, this will have to be repeated as many times as necessary, up to six). Then we are introduced to the list of grooms, because the conclusion of a profitable game is the key task of the game. But we also have a number of competitors, whose talents will also be preliminarily introduced. And now there is only fifteen weeks left to get married in the most profitable way: best of all for a young and wealthy nobleman, since such an outcome will bring the maximum number of points in the final. One week is one move, during which we can choose what to do. Absolutely always you can go to tea to the Duchess, listen to gossip about the "men" and dissolve your own. This information is useful for building a successful strategy. Other activities range from home parties to horseback riding, and everywhere you should try to demonstrate your strengths in order to impress the gentlemen and attract their attention. And even if the romantic relationship was officially registered before the end of the playing time, this still does not guarantee victory - the competitors for the remaining time can manage to marry someone more enviable. The game is completely textual, most of the time you will only have to enter the numbers corresponding to the desired options, and only occasionally type something from the keyboard.
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