Smart Steps 2nd Grade DK Multimedia 1999

The most complete learning system for your second grade child. Enroll your second grader in the program with more of everything: Smart Steps. Developed by dedicated educators, Smart Steps covers the complete second grade core curriculum - along with lots of creative activities to help your child head straight to the top. The Playroom - Read a book, create party invitations, play music and much more in the playroom. The Learning Center provides instant access to 300 activities in Reading and Writing Numbers and Shapes and essential life skills. Sticker Book - With up to 218 stickers to collect children will want to come back to the activities again and again to earn them all. Progress Tracker - No other learning system gives such a straightforward way to track a child's progress. Features: 300 non-stop activities; 120 math activities; 10 reading activities; 30 practical science activities; interactive reading books; 5 original learning songs; Child-friendly word processor; Self-motivating sticker reward system; Prepares children for a lifetime of learning.
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Hybrid PC/MAC ISO Demo 293MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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