Smart Steps 4th Grade DK Multimedia 2000

The Most Complete Learning System. Super-Fun Activities: Over 430 in All. Core Subjects: English, Math and Science. Motivating Rewards Ensure Learning. Put Your Child a Step Ahead. Watch your child’s grades take off with this comprehensive, curriculum-based program. Just one of hundreds of activities that put your child a step ahead: 435 learning activities; Over 150 tutorials; 180 math problems; 155 language arts exercises; 85 science lessons; Self-motivating reward system; In-depth progress tracking. Covers these (and more) 4th Grade Essentials: MATH - decimal and fraction comparisons; percents & estimating; multiplying by 2 digit numbers; polygons & quadrilaterals. ENGLISH - imperatives & connectives; pronouns & prepositions; idioms & onomatopoeia; roots, prefixes and suffixes. SCIENCE - circuits & conductors; gravity; simple machines; food chains & food webs.
ISO Demo 412MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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