Howard Marks Video Casino Games Hasbro Interactive 1999

This puts you right into the action with 15 unique video casino games. New graphics, music, and concepts are just the beginning, from one of the top inventors and gaming geniuses of video-style casino games. The unique spin on poker, keno, slots, and blackjack games consists of fun 3D-rendered animation in the background and during gameplay. Play tournament style over the Internet (using Microsoft's Internet Gaming Zone) with four or more players, over the modem with a friend, or across the local LAN. Delve into the bright lights and big city nights with a blackjack game where a talking genie is at your command. With the Cuckoo Clock game, an old European-style wooden clock brings life to the game of slots. The Big E limits you to the letter "E" where you place all of your poker cards and line them up. Robot Keno is a flashy digital-style keno system with a robot friend that keeps you company. And as an option, you'll experience these and 13 other video-style casino games with the help of Howard Marks' in-game strategies to help beat the hottest games in Vegas. Features: Features seven poker games, from the "Big E" and the "Big H" to "Pick 5" and "Keep Dealin"; Includes two video blackjack and two video keno games; Original slots include Gold of the Gods, Dragon's Gold, Paddleboat Slots, and Cuckoo Clock.
ISO Demo 410MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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