Monopoly Tycoon Deep Red Games Ltd. / Infogrames Inc. 2001

The All-American board game is now an in-depth and addictive strategy game. Get down to street level and manipulate a living city by building businesses, attracting customers, & outwitting your opponents block by block. Unleash marketing & advertising campaigns with devastating effect. Multiplayer LAN and competitive play offer fun and addictive action with limitless replayability. Witness the passage of time move from the 30's to present day. Open 24 hours - Check up on your businesses day or night. Cut the cost of your operations - buy the electricity and water utilities. Build each building and business from the ground up to your exact specifications. Zoom in or out as you keep an eye on new opportunities or to view your sprawling empire. Most of us have played the Monopoly board game. Have you ever wondered who lives in Marvin Gardens? According to this game, the answer is voters. All of the elements of the family-favorite board game have been turned into a 3-D city-building simulation. You start off, of course, as a real-estate developer who buys land and must decide what purpose each property must serve to bring about the greatest public good: commercial, residential, or industrial. As your wealth and power grow, you'll throw your hat into the race for mayor. Considering how the original board game made cutthroat competition fun, it should come as little surprise that it allows up to four players to campaign against each other for the mayor's office over the Internet or a local area network.
ISO Demo + Music Fix + Scenarios and Textures 143MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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