Battleship, Trouble & Perfection Collection Valusoft / THQ 2007

It's time to play all of your old favorites a whole new way. There's fun for the whole family in these 3 all-time classic favorites. But be careful. Once the fun starts you won't want it to stop. Battleship: "You sank my Battleship!“ Engage in a naval battle, sinking your opponent’s ships before your entire fleet is discovered and destroyed. Trouble: Race-ahead and then get bumped back in this classic family favorite! Move your pawns around the board and into home base first to win. Perfection: Are you ready for frantic shape matching action? Race against the clock to match all the shapes before they pop up. Features 3 of the best-selling board games for kids and families of all time.
ISO Demo 317MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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