Deeproot Manor FuocoFatuo 2020

Your younger brother, Richard, has gone missing. There are rumors about an abandoned manor, deep inside the woods. Believing that to be your brother's last destination before his disappearance, you sneak out of your home and step forth into the forest. You play as Emily, who upon her younger brother's disappearance decides to set out and and explore every nook and cranny of a dilapidated mansion in order to find her brother and, hopefully, escape together. During your time trapped inside you'll find key items, solve puzzles and try to survive dangerous encounters. Always be on the edge - for nobody yet has managed to escape from this place. A mostly single-handled love letter to independent horror games, this title aims to satisfy any true fan of the genre. Exploration will reward the player, items and puzzles will tease your brain, and in the midst of all this danger might strike from right around the next corner. Throughout all of this, the story of Emily and her brother Richard will unfold - while glimpses and tidbits of dark, past stories will echo throughout the whole manor. Please do note that all feature details, screenshots and trailer are purposefully limited to the first minutes of gameplay in order to keep the player obscure about the looming adventure. In order to fully enjoy the game, please be sure to play with headphones on and either in a lowly lit environment or downright darkness (brightness contrast is also set for such conditions).
Download: None currently available

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