Archangel Metropolis Software House / JoWood Productions Software AG 2002

Archangel is the third person budget rpg adventure game (with first person view option) where you control Michael, a guy who survives a car crash and wakes up in a monastery to find out he is needed to fight the ever growing forces of darkness. At the onset of your voyage, you are introduced to the Lord of Light and he gives you the option of receiving powers of a Warrior or a Ghost. As the Warrior, you are granted supernatural strength and your skin is like rock. As the Ghost, you are weaker, but you are nearly invisible and can cast a ring of fire that emanates from you, damaging all within the radius of effect. Once you choose, you can enable this secondary form for a short period of time based on your spirit energy shown by a regenerating meter on the HUD. You use it when you swing a special sword and it continuously drains when you change into your other form. There are also other spirit energy abilities you can “purchase” with Essence and you receive points for completing objectives and killing minions of the darkness. The first chapter of the game, you are in a medieval time. Your weapons consist of a knife, a light sword, a heavy sword, an axe, a bow and arrow, and your magical sword. The areas consist of gothic architecture, caves, forests, and swamps. After you find the three stones, you’ll move on to modern architecture, as well as modern weapons (i.e. guns), three different epochs in all. The human-like models are very square and blocky and graphics are not state of the art but do the job. The music is well done but voice acting is not, and there are bugs in the game as well.
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Level Demo 92MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
ISO Demo 449MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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