Kanoso: Omoide o Kowasu Monogatari [J] Itsumo no Tokoro 1999

This is a parody of Kanon while also tracing the original, " Fist of the North Star ", Baki boy the cartoon from the Spelunker. Such as a gag that covers all the games, characters whose character settings are slightly different from the original and "Poisonous" characters drawn by Hojo, and " Multi Bad End " have all made a jump into the popular circle. The influence that "Kanoso" had on the secondary creation of "Kanon" was great, especially the title of "the strongest creature on earth " and the pseudonym " Mizuse Ark Demon " that was assigned to Akiko Minase with many mysteries in the original setting. (In this work and "Kanoso 64", characters other than the main character have slightly different readings, although the character is the same as the original,) used as a laughing voice of Sayuri Kurata in this work. We were " Niyaso ", a play on the default name of the original hero " grain Sawane right one " (Aizawa Yuichi), and the like. In addition, the mysterious magical plant " Johnny " (full name varies depending on the appearance work. "Johnny the Pakkun" in the press CD version of "Kanoso" ) that grows in the head of Makoto Sawatari is Watanabe. He has performed at "Magical Hunter Mai" produced by Seisakusho, " MELTY BLOOD " co-produced by TYPE-MOON and Watanabe Seisakusho , and "Doril Milky Punch" by French bread. 20th Century Kanoso (Nijusseiki Kanoso) includes a floppy disk version of "Kanoso", original storybook, illustration collection, etc.
Japanese 2CD ISO Demo + Scans 1GB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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