Eigou Kaiki [J] D.O. 2004

Katsuragi Tetsuo, the protagonist, is a highschool student who lives with his older sister Yuri. Yuri, having originally lived in a foreign country, is a mainstay of the family and make a living by the work of translation at home. They have a bedridden sister with no consciousness too. The doctor don't know what's the disease what makes her to stay lying in bed as a beautiful doll. Tetsuo have two good friends too, Izumi, his neighbor and childhood friend, and the good-hearted nerd, Seiji. The three had always live in harmony. The story begins in the town where they live, where bizarre events start to occur. Mutilation murders, cases where someone is killed with a huge blade, are happening. Tetsuo thinks himself to be irrelevant to these cases. However, anxiety rising slightly, Yuri starts to be worried about the hero.
Japanese 2CD ISO Demo + Scans 1.0GB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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